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Importance of Graphic Designing – Judging A Book By Its Cover.

A good book design transforms your ideas and words into images. It grabs the attention of your potential readers and gives you a competitive edge over other authors. The first thing that a reader sees is the cover, rest is news. Bookshops display their books with covers facing the reader because they know that it is the first thing that a reader will notice.

Acknowledging the importance of graphic designing, Kotmedia Design and Media Company provides their valuable services in book design and publishing to enhance the appeal of your book. This Warrington based Digital Media and Design Company has exhibited its talents by transforming ideas of clients into great experiences. Their blend of creativity and talent can be seen on the cover of Emoto Peace Project ‘The Message From Water’ children version.

So let’s consider the importance of good book design and how it plays a crucial part in marketing your book.

Instant Credibility

Every author wants to capture the imagination of their reader with the right words. Same is the case with a good book cover. Having professionally designed images and graphics on your book cover not only enhances the credibility of your book but it syncs with the imagination of the reader.  In order to enhance the confidence of your potential reader, it is advisable to hire a professional graphic designer to create the cover of your book or to format your manuscripts interior.

Billboard For The Book

The cover communicates with the reader and gives a useful insight about the book. A well-designed cover gives the reader assurance that the book is of high quality. The cover creates preconceptions in a readers mind, making them believe that the book is the right choice for them.

Convey the Sales Message

The main reason why graphic design is important for your book is because human beings are visual creatures. The importance of good book design for self-published authors, independent press, and collaborative groups has increased due to competition and changing marketing strategies. Good graphics make the potential buyer understand the book before even reading the book. For example, a book related to fitness and a healthy diet will have a cover featuring a person who is healthy and happy.  The cover will evoke deep down emotions of the person suffering from health diseases which will create a relation between the target customer and the book.

Publishing ensures that an author’s manuscript reaches the readers efficiently. It is the main process related to attracting the targeted readers of the book. It is important to hire reliable book design and publishing companies because a well-designed cover reaches out to a million readers. This will also increase the sales revenue for your book. It has been proven that a good image about the book, in the mind of a reader, has a positive impact on sales conversions. So your best chance at making sure people stop and take a look at your book is by hiring a professional book designer and publisher.





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